How Smiley Face Clip Art Help in Instant Messaging?

Today, we live in a very dynamic world that is constantly evolving. From a communication point of view, it is this evolution that is actually moving us away from the stressful, time consuming and awkward one to one contact in person. It is because of this evolution that we are moving towards a more convenient and efficient form of electronic communication that is also impersonal. For instance, we find that email has actually revolutionized the way we communicate. It has crossed all the barriers of distance, time and also confidence or lack of it. Email has provided an opportunity for people to communicate with each other. Now you can communicate with acquaintances and develop new relationships that are trans border and readily accessible. It is the multi dimensional features of the internet that provides us this access to communicate with people spread across the world in real time.

Similarly, when you log on to your favorite IM program, it is in real time. When it comes to IM, all it takes is a couple of seconds for you to log on and chat. However, if it takes a bit longer, we start losing our patience. This is because we expect instant communication and are unwilling to accept even the slightest technical glitches.

When it comes to instant messaging, tolerance is the last thing on mind since the word instant itself denotes immediate. It indicates that IM means having the capability to connect with friends and family immediately. The world of instant messaging has changed the way we communicate. Once we are used to this type of communication, we cannot adjust to any other kind of communication. So, how does smiley face clip art help in instant messaging?

Well, when you are using your favorite IM programs like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, AOL, you may find it difficult to convey your emotions through text mode only. Whatever you may want to communicate may be misunderstood. Hence, make sure that you use smiley face clip art. This is normally available through your favorite instant messenger where you can find different kinds of smileys and emoticons. If you want more smileys, log on to the various websites and download thousands of smiley face clip art.

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